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Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov, private enforcement agents

10 years on stage

“Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov”, Private Enforcement Officers” is a professional partnership of certified enforcement agents. Since 2006, we try to fulfill our mission of corporate organization of private enforcement officers with professional honor and strive for perfectionism. For us, the union is power, and proof of that are over ten years of solid work and dignity as guardians of the law. The crown of our efforts today is not just our positioning in the profession, but also our dynamic growth.

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Customer Care

“Lukov, Gorchev and Daskalov” is one of the six professional partnerships of private enforcement officers in Bulgaria out of a total of 201 private enforcement officers. Over the past years, we have established ourselves as an institution of professionals, combining the uncompromising compliance with the law with performance efficiency and a high standard of customer service. Our professional expertise for the examination of debtors’ assets, specialized procedural actions under the Civil Procedure Code, Taxation and Social Security Procedural Act, Administrative Procedure Code and Special Pledges Act as well as service of judicial documents is provided with personal and logistical capacity not only for the traditional management of procedures but also by remote access to case database through integrated information system with an “e-case” function. Our team includes three private enforcement officers, seven assistant private enforcement officers, seven legal advisors, and 25-member specialized personnel, dedicated to provide legal, analytical, filing, financial and accounting services as well as process service.”

“The company was founded in 2006 by Todor Lukov and Stefan Gorchev, and from 25.11.2013 partner’s capacity as enforcement officer was acquired by Dobromir Daskalov. All partners have obtained professional status through a two-stage exam under Art. 5, para. 1, item 8 of the PEAA.

We take pride in our Clients that include some of the largest national and regional businesses, foreign companies, commercial banks, municipalities, state agencies, judicial and financial institutions, as well as utility companies. Our partnership provides collection services to and carries out joint projects with some of the leading law firms in Bulgaria. Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov is one of the few judgment enforcement offices functioning on corporate bases, applying the highest professional standard in the area of enforcement of private and public dues, proceedings under Special Pledges Acts, European enforcement orders and related activities.

The corporate structure of Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov consists of specialized functional units, delivering efficiency, optimal customer service, financial management and prompt document processing administration. We are proud to be recognized by both our Clients and our peers in the field of private enforcement services, as one of the offices, providing flexible and efficient solutions to complex problems our Clients are facing. In the course of the process, we maintain constant awareness of the delicate balance between the creditor’s interest and all legal rights of the debtor. Such approach allows us to achieve high results in collection, while preserving the good relationship between the parties involved in the process to the best extent possible.

The extensive and diverse legal and business experience, dedication and enthusiasm of our team, has brought us recognition as one of the leading offices in the field of private debt collection in Bulgaria.”

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