Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Collection of receivables of legal entities and physical persons, through enforcement procedure against the debtor via:

  • Injunctions on real estate.
  • Garnishment on receivables of the debtor from third parties, including salary or other receivables under employment agreements, execution against movable property, shares, debentures and other securities.
  • Execution of foreclosures and public sale of attached goods.

Enforcement of European execution orders under part VII of the Civil Procedure Code:

  • European order for undisputed debts (Council Regulation 805/2004)
  • European order for payment (Council Regulation 1896/2004)
  • European payment order, obtained  via Small Claims Procedure( Council Regulation 861/2007)

Research and investigation of the debtors assets and receivables.

Security enforcement under the Special Pledges Act.

Enforcement of non-monetary obligations such as:

  • Leading in possession in real estate;
  • Transfer of possession of movables from debtor to creditor;
  • Enforcement of distraint orders;

Attaching property items by placing such under the enforcement officer’s official seal in an insolvency proceedings under the Commercial Act